Born in Connecticut, Usa 1960.

Jarlsøveien 72f, 3124 Tønsberg

Atelier ; studioborchgrevink, Flytårnet Kultursenter, Fornebu.



Phone; +47 90700064

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I am an art director, painter, photographer and feature journalist. 

Former Student of Westerdals School of Communications in Oslo. 


CYAN Bokkafé - Oslofotobokfestival 2022

Galleri Brown Kunstdager 2022

The book BRUDD "The Beauty of Stoned Core Material" 

is represented in the following collections:

Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo

Preus Museum , Horten

Tønsberg Bibliotek

Larvik Bibliotek

PURCHASE BRUDD BOOK - send request by email:

Norsk Kulturråds entreprenør program; Ovasjon, 2022



"Sometimes, watching my portraits, I feel like looking at the same picture over and over. Whether it be a child, an elderly person, different genders, people of various social or ethnic backgrounds. Recurring themes become your signature.

I love the bold directness of my portrait subjects. 

Travelling I find that nature never ceases to move me with its iridescence and 

ever-changing lure. Saying claims beauty to be our hearts´ intuitive intelligence.

At times it is as if earth and sky is my real skin and all within me - gratitude.

Street photography is perhaps my favorite. Capturing peoples ordinary lives, 

I choose scenes with a slight twist exposing specific social and cultural cues. 

I enjoy sharing these intimate and unique moments observed around the world,

"Moments gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

When I was eight my mother taught me to paint using gouache, egg tempera, and oil. 

I attended art history- and performing art classes throughout high school and college

and studied with seven different established Norwegian painters.




Thirty years experience branding/logo design and illustration for a multitude of companies ranging from offshore industry, medical companies to publishing media.

Art director and photojournalist with 30 years of experience in public and private sectors; offshore, pharmaceutical industry, universities, newspaper & magazines. Serving and consulting clients on how to communicate corporate identity visually through branding, producing a wide range of products.

Member of The Norwegian Union of Journalists. NJ.

Member of NSFF

Member of BONO


For more info please visit my professional websites: 






AD/creative director, PR & Communication Bureau Prguru.

Editorial manager; layout, photography, responsible for overall visual aspect of Norways´ largest hunting magazine, Jeger. In charge of all artistic and graphic production. Jan 2016-mars 2018.

Travel photographer; Vingreiser, Se & Hør, Tara Magasin, Bedre Helse, Jeger, Vi over 60.

Design, branding, illustration og production of advertising material at Dagbladet, Aller Media, MSD,  Resmed, Andøco, Andersen & Ødegaard, Gastronaut, Ergoterapiforbundet, Statens Informasjonstjeneste.

Computer consultant, Statens Kunst & Håndverksskole, 87

Teacher, design and computer graphics, Merkantilt Institutt. 88-91.

Color Graphics as, Infobox Graphic computer designer. 86-88

LogoTyper: Graphic computer design and program developer. 86-2019.



Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology (Westerdals Oslo ACT)

Art Direction, Graphic Design 1985 – 1987

Psychology - University of Oslo 84-85

Criminology - University of Oslo 82-83

Masterclass Printing, Per Arnfinn Persen and Morten Løberg 2018

Tine Poppe & Linda Cartridge 2013 Travel/Street photography Rajasthan India.

Eivind Røhne, 2009 Oslo.

Oslo Tegne- and Maleskole: croquis, portrait, oil-painting

Atelier Nord: webdesign & animation.

Private tutoring; Eser Afacan; classic oil-paint and preparation techniques; charcoal, oil. 

Classes in portrait and oil painting, Folkeuniversitetet 1980

High school Art major. Relevant subjects; litho, woodcut, etching, sculpture, art history. 


Christian Montarou: litho, woodcut, aquarel. 

Victor Hafseld; woodcut, lino and litho print.

Cecilie Nerdrum: croquis, collage. 

Jakob Schmidt: painting techniques.

Cato Bødtger  Oslo Tegne og Maleskole: croquis, portrait drawing, oil painting.

Marit Krogh: sculpting.

Eser Afacan: classic paint--and preparation techniques, charcoal, oil. 

Tommy Sørbø: art history.


CYAN Bokkafé - Oslofotobokfestival 2022

Galleri Brown Kunstdager 2022

Grimstad Kunstforening 2022 

Råde Kunstforening Galleri Tomb 2022

Kunstdager Galleri Brown Sandefjord 2021

Høstutstilling Flytårnet Kultursenter Curated by Helle Kaarem og Yngvild Nergaard 2021

Solo exhibition Larvik Kunstforening October 30th 2021

Høstutstilling Flytårnet Kultursenter Curated by Blomquist & Blaafarveverket 2020

Hovedutstiller, Drøbak Kunstforening, 2020

Galleri ER, Sandefjord 2020

Group Asker Kunstforening summerexhibit 2019 

Group Galleri A. A-laget summerexhibit Oslo 2019

Nominated for Cyan Folio Photography by Høvikodden and Fotogalleriet.

Showcased and reviewed at Nordic Light Photo Festival and Høvikodden 2019

Solo exhibition Galleri Athene, Drammen, 2007

Solo exhibition Galleri Gardenia, Bærums Verk 2006
Solo: exhibition Bærum Kulturhus, 2005

Group Galleri Arctandria, Oslo 2004

Group Galleri Arctandria, Oslo 2003

Group Galleri Arctandria, Oslo 2004

Group: Galleri G, Høvik, 2006

Group: Atelier fellesskapet Det Gamle Apotek 2003-2006



Lundhs AS, Larvik. Boardroom.

NASTA AS. Boardrooms

Private collectors.

The book BRUDD "The Beauty of Stoned Core Material" 

is represented in the following collections:

Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo

Preus Museum , Horten

Tønsberg Bibliotek

Larvik Bibliotek

Norsk Kulturråds entreprenør program; Ovasjon, 2022



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