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The Beauty of Stoned Core Material
Documentary and abstract fine arts rock photography. All rights reserved G.Borchgrevink. 

I enjoy working in the cross roads between pure abstraction and emerging symbols. When does abstraction become pregnant with meaning and how does language emerge to engage an audience? I feel my work harmonizing with object oriented philosophy. There is a shift in both art history and philosophy towards ecological argument for non human/non anthropocentric understanding of the universe and of man and nature. 

My photos  of  amazing 300 million years old antropocen landscape reveal unique glimpses of evolution.
Beautiful granite and marble formations found deep in Norwegian qu
arries and high in Italian mountain range. BRUDD photo series brings history  fresh contemporary expression and provides us with new consciousness about art and cultural history

BRUDD SOUNDSGerd Borchgrevink
ARTIST TALKGerd Borchgrevink
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