"BRUDD - The Beauty of Stoned Core Material"

These abstract photographies of antropocene  manmade landscape reveal amazing 300 million years old larvikite stone formations found deep in Norwegian quarries in mining districts of Vestfold. The BRUDD photo series brings history a fresh contemporary expression and provides the audience with a new consciousness about art and cultural history. With my Canon Mark5D III and IV, I enjoy working in the crossroads between pure abstraction and emerging symbols. When does abstraction become pregnant with meaning, when and how does language emerge to engage the audience? The audience can interact by listening to soundtracks from the quarries using headphones during the show.

My photos are printed on Canson and Hahnemühle barytapaper, framed with UVglass, or printed on aluminum.

Sizes vary dependent upon subject and client. 

BRUDD shows at Larvik Kunstforening, Galleri Svalbard, Drøbak Kunstforening, Galleri ER 2020, and Grimstad Kunstforening in 2021.